Die Sommerakademie 2022 stellt sich vor

Hiermit wollen wir einmal kurz unsere Mitglieder der diesjährigen Sommerakademie vorstellen. Wir genießen und freuen uns über die gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit!

Unsere Dozenten:

Marcel Boone (NL)

Simona Šaturová (SK)

Valerie Guillorit (FR)

Marcin Koziel (PL)

Und unsere Sänger:


Sónia Beatriz Reis dos Santos Alves/Portugal

Sofia Berberidou/Greece

Zuzana Čurmová/Slovakia

Ana Isabel Andrade Freitas/Portugal

Chiara Guttieri/Brazil

Dominika Hodáňová/Slovakia

Flavia Striquer Lima/Brazil

Maria Patak Lladó/Spain

Patrícia Santos Modesto/Portugal



Joan Tarrats i Duran /Spain

Jean Carlos Gorges/Brazil

Katharina Göhr/Germany

Maria Giuditta Guglielmi /Italy

Maria Jurado Obradors/Spain

Juliana Campos Martins Mendes dos Santos /Portugal

Joana Mafalda de Sousa Albergaria Teixeira /Portugal



Alberto Jorge Lopes Araújo/Portugal

Yohan Kim/S.Korea

Péter Molnár/Hungary

Micael Jonathas Coutinho Oliveira /Brazil

Josep Rovira Poblet/Spain

Roberto Redondo Sainz/Spain

Afonso Miguel de Aguiar dos Santos  /Portugal



Lluís Arratia Aceituno/Spain

Roger Casanova Colomé /Spain

Simeon Hána/Czech Republic

Eins Lee/New Zealand

Bartosz Tomasz Lisik/Poland

József Morvai/Slovakia

Eduardo Leopoldo Portugal/ Portugal

Filipe Silva dos Santos/ Brazil


Auditions for 2022 finished!

Auditions for 2022 finished! Last Audition in Basel on 14.3.2022 was done and we are happy we could hear in each audition location many new talented singers! We thanks to all who helped us with organisation in different cities and to all piano players who accompanied this year auditions. We cross fingers for singers to pass on the List of Summer Academy 2022! See you on the Auditions 2023!

Vorsingen für die Sommerakademie 2022




The International Choir Academy under the artistic director and founder Rolf Beck is a vocal ensemble varying in size and constellation that presents innovative and unusual concert programs.

The ensemble with its academic work ethos is constantly evolving and is keen to discover, support and advise young talented singers from all nations.

We organize regular auditions throughout the world to discover and develop international next-generation singers.

We have an annual intensive work phase – The Academy – with concerts after each project. Despite “The Academy”, we also go on regular concert tours within Germany, Europe and around the world.



–          Applicants should be voice students or students of a post-graduate


–          Age limit: ladies 32 years, gents 35 years

–          A selection jury will decide which applicants are accepted for the Choir

Academy 2022

–          The selected participant’s travel expenses, accommodation, and meals

will be covered by The Choir Academy.

–          Applicants should be able to communicate in English, as this is the working language in general

–          Deadline for Application is always 1 week before concrete Audition date

–          For season 2022 we accept only full-vaccinated applicants


Dates are subject to change. Please check the regular updates under:





Applicants are requested to send the following information and material to info@chorakademie-luebeck.de


  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. The Application Form:  https://intchor.aidaform.com/application-form
  3. A picture of yourself
  4. Details of the complete program that you intend to sing
  5. Vaccination certificate


Applicants will be required to prepare:

  1. An aria of your choice by J.S.Bach or G.F.Handel (oratory/cantata/opera)
  2. An aria of your choice by W.A. Mozart (opera/mass/concert aria)

Wir sind da! – Online

Abendlied bei Rheinberger –  43 Sänger – 16 Länder

Beginn der Covid-19 PANDEMIE
Zahlreiche Konzert- und Projektabsagen

Our dear singers, dear fans of ICA Lübeck, we are very sad not to be at this moment on our big tour we prepared for these days, not to make music with you all. We are sad for all cancelled tours and concerts we planned to have till summer. We are very sad the situation in the World is developing in not good way. We hope, you all follow steps to avoid spreading of Corona Virus, you use the time with your families, for your study, for practicing, but also for things you didn´t have time to do long time why you were travelling and singing a lot. We hope we will meet you all as soon as will be possible and we will create again some nice musical miracle with our voices. We think on you all and wish you patience and health! Your Rolf Beck and ICA Team

Das slowakische Musikmagazin “Hudobný život” schreibt über uns

Kurz vor dem Vorsingen in Bratislava ist im größten Musikmagazin des Landes ein sehr positiver Artikel über unsere Internationale Chorakademie erschienen. Fokussiert auf die Sommerakademie sprechen wir über unsere Erwartungen an die jungen Sänger*innen beim Vorsingen und auch über unsere Projekte, die Finanzierung und der Tourneen…

Herzlichen Dank auch an die ehemaligen Mitglieder des Chores, die sich sehr lobend über ihre Zeit in der Akademie geäußert haben.

Den ganzen Artikel als PDF lesen


Vorsingen für die Sommerakademie 2020

Verpassen Sie nicht die Chance! Wir freuen uns auf neue Talente!

Anmeldefrist immer 1 Woche vor konkretem Datum.


Siyabonga Maqungo ist ab Saison 2020/2021 Mitglied der Staatsoper Berlin.

Er selbst sagt: “Every Dream is Valid”

Moving to Germany years ago, Berlin was on top of my bucket list. Today now that everything is in place I am happy to announce that I will be joining the #Staatsoper #Unter #den #Linden #Ensemble starting next season. Still trying to digest everything as it is a dream come true. After my debut last year April, I’m looking forward to be part of this amazing house with wonderful people.