Beginn der Covid-19 PANDEMIE
Zahlreiche Konzert- und Projektabsagen

Our dear singers, dear fans of ICA Lübeck, we are very sad not to be at this moment on our big tour we prepared for these days, not to make music with you all. We are sad for all cancelled tours and concerts we planned to have till summer. We are very sad the situation in the World is developing in not good way. We hope, you all follow steps to avoid spreading of Corona Virus, you use the time with your families, for your study, for practicing, but also for things you didn´t have time to do long time why you were travelling and singing a lot. We hope we will meet you all as soon as will be possible and we will create again some nice musical miracle with our voices. We think on you all and wish you patience and health! Your Rolf Beck and ICA Team